Security is always at the back of your mind, be it your home, your family, your business, or even a special event.
However, with Benchmark pa, we can offer mobile patrols, static guards or personal protection for up to 24 hours a day. Whatever you need our dedicated and fully trained team can deliver and to a standard that puts us above all the others.

We are privately owned company with more than 20 years in the business. What’s more we have full accreditations from our industry body (the SIA) and have the experience and indeed the testimonials that prove our skills. Just take a look at some of the businesses we currently work with, Peel Holdings, Bentley Manchester and City Airport to name but a few.

Technical equipment is important to us, be it state of the art vans for our mobile security or our latest body-cams, which are cameras fitted to every guards uniform to record any incident.

We will obviously explain in more detail, have a look at what we offer through the rest of this website or give us a quick call and we’ll arrange a no obligation meeting to discuss what you might need. After all, we’re all different.




If the worst does happen, we even have something special for you. SelectaDNA can protect just about anything that you consider valuable. It’s a simple invisible swipe-on liquid, with unique a DNA code, specific to you and your property. Recognised by 93% of police forces throughout the country any valuable, both large and small can be instantly identified as belonging to you – protecting your goods and helping to catch criminals red-handed. What’s more we can offer SelectaDNA for a one-off price of just £47


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Mobile security
Areas that we cover

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Free security risk assessment  at your home or work place


Mobile security patrols

State-of-the-art, manned and liveried vans, each with 4 security cameras will continually monitor your area and as back-up there’s rapid response cars, all looking for anything that’s out of the ordinary.


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Static Guards

We provide everything and anything you could need, including, static security guards, mobile patrols, CCTV monitoring, alarm response as well as the opening and locking down of your premises to ensure total security.


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Our state-of-the-art control centre is always alert, protecting you 24/7. Using your CCTV if required, with body cams and security vans footage we make sure your home or business is permanently secure.

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VIP Security

We cover individuals and their families with smart, discrete and usually unobtrusive security. Trained in conflict resolution our team is also ready for any quick response action when required.


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vip security

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