We all know what it’s like, live in a high value area of Manchester or Cheshire’s famous golden triangle and you constantly feel that you’re an instant target. But now you can sleep easy in your bed, we can protect you, your home and your family with highly qualified, fully trained security,
24 hours a day.


We have state-of-the-art liveried vans, each with 4 security cameras continually monitoring the area as well as rapid response cars, all looking for anything that’s out of the ordinary.


As you can imagine with so many vehicles constantly in the area, any response time is quick and effective.
We also have a 24 hour emergency telephone number, manned by our trained security team, who can respond if you report anything suspicious.

Mobile security that makes your home your castle.

We always go that extra mile. For instance, if you are away, we’ll pick up your post and make sure your bins are out at the relevant time and more importantly put away in the right place afterwards. We even provide a key-holding service, just in case your alarm goes off unexpectedly.


 After all, it’s about providing our clients with the total peace of mind they deserve.


To cap it all, using Benchmark pa might well cost you less than you imagine and don’t forget we’ll always carry out a free, no obligation risk assessment.

Mobile Security

Static Guards

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If the worst does happen, we even have something special for you. SelectaDNA can protect just about anything that you consider valuable. It’s a simple invisible swipe-on liquid, with unique a DNA code, specific to you and your property. Recognised by 93% of police forces throughout the country any valuable, both large and small can be instantly identified as belonging to you – protecting your goods and helping to catch criminals red-handed. What’s more we can offer SelectaDNA for a one-off price of just £47


Free security risk assessment  at your home or work place


Mobile security patrols

State-of-the-art, manned and liveried vans, each with 4 security cameras will continually monitor your area and as back-up there’s rapid response cars, all looking for anything that’s out of the ordinary.


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mobile security van surveillance camera

Static Guards

We provide everything and anything you could need, including, static security guards, mobile patrols, CCTV monitoring, alarm response as well as the opening and locking down of your premises to ensure total security.


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static guard


Our state-of-the-art control centre is always alert, protecting you 24/7. Using your CCTV if required, with body cams and security vans footage we make sure your home or business is permanently secure.

Head office
Benchmark Security Group Limited,
Adamson House, 2 Centenary Way, Manchester,

M50 1RD.

Cheshire office
Benchmark Security Group Limited,
Hale Road, Hale Barns, Cheshire,
WA15 8SX.

0161 786 7009 (9am-5pm)

0161 707 2400  (out of hours)