Total protection when you need it.

There are of course other occasions where you need the security of your own protection always on hand and we can offer a totally bespoke service designed around you and your family. Everyone needs something different and you need to talk to us about what you need as an individual, but here are just a few of our more frequent requests.

VIP Security

Mobile Security

Static Guards

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Free security risk assessment  at your home or work place

VIP Security

There are times when you are in an environment where you need personal security to make sure you feel at ease.


We provide smart, discrete and where necessary, unobtrusive security, through our highly motivated, professional and of course, police checked team. We will be at your side at all times and although we are fully trained at avoiding confrontation, we are also fully versed in quick response and decisive action when it’s required.


It’s your decision – just remember, we’re there when you need us.

Mobile security patrols

State-of-the-art, manned and liveried vans, each with 4 security cameras will continually monitor your area and as back-up there’s rapid response cars, all looking for anything that’s out of the ordinary.


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mobile security van surveillance camera

Static Guards

We provide everything and anything you could need, including, static security guards, mobile patrols, CCTV monitoring, alarm response as well as the opening and locking down of your premises to ensure total security.


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static guard

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